Welcome to Paper Mill Elementary School!

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Welcome to Paper Mill Elementary School

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We promise t

Be Kind
Be Respectful
Be Safe
Be Responsible

We have the Fresh Fruit and Veggie Grant!
We will be serving a fruit or vegetable for snack on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of each week.
Students are encouraged to try new treats!
Ask your student what they tried today. 
Please note, we accommodate for known allergies.

Read our August newsletter to meet new staff members and some important dates! 
August Newsletter 2019

 Are you doing school shopping at Staples? Here is how to give back to our teachers! 

Girls on the Run has kicked off here at Paper Mill for girls in grades 3 and 4. We hope to do another season, Click here to find out more information! 

What's New!

Yankee Candle Fundraiser Sept. 11- Sept. 25
Yankee Candle Fundraiser
Yankee Candle Fundraiser Sept. 11- Sept. 25
Read More about Yankee Candle Fundraiser
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