Staff Directory

Principal   Ms. Chasse
Assistant Principal   Ms. Creanza
Office Manager   Mrs. Williams  
Office Manager   Mrs. Gentle  
Nurse   Mrs. Burke  
Grade K   Mrs. Colbert
Paraprofessional: Mrs. Dean
    Mrs. Reynolds
Paraprofessional: Mrs. Jablonski
    Mrs. Pion
Paraprofessional: Mrs. White

  Ms. Lehman
Paraprofessional: Mrs. Joy
Grade 1   Mrs.McEwan

  Ms. DiSanto
    Mrs. Roman
     Miss Horner
Grade 2   Ms. Erricolo
    Mrs. Knapik
    Mrs. Lanoue
Grade 3   Mrs. Parrow
    Mrs. Florek
    Miss Howe
Grade 4   Mrs. Proulx
    Mrs. Collins
    Mrs. Dunlop
Art   Mr. Assir
Health and Physical Education   Mrs. Bust
Music    Ms. Dubchak
Mr. Houle

Library   Mrs. McKenna

Mrs. Hickey
Special Education      
Educ. Team Leader   Mrs. Smidy 
Special Education Supervisor   Mrs. Ecker 
Ms. Greaney and Ms. Crean
 Intensive Teachers
Miss Taylor and Miss Walker
Paraprofessional   Mrs. Blishchik
 Paraprofessional   Miss Barger  
 Paraprofessional    Mrs. Fairley  
 Paraprofessional    Mrs. Atkocaitis  
 School Based Services      
 BCBA   Ms. Elise  
 Interventionist   Ms. Joia  
 Interventionist    Mr. Jonathan  
 Interventionist    Ms. Chantel  
 Interventionist    Ms. Amanda  
 Interventionist    Ms. Quanda  
 Interventionist    Ms. Sybelle  
Interventionist   Ms. Celi  
 Interventionist    Ms. Jocelyn  
 Interventionist     Ms. Nicole  
 Interventionist    Ms. Elanda  
Title I Reading   Mrs. Meneses
Literacy Assistant   Erin Masse 

School Psychologist   Dr.Taylor
SAC   Mrs. Stacy
Ms. Johnston and Ms. Holland 
Occupational Therapy
Mrs. Deziel and Ms. Dechert
 Cafeteria    Mrs. Massoni  
     Mrs. Brenziel  
     Ms. Sampsol  

Mr. Vogel, Mr. Neveu, Ms. Tomasini