Mrs. Hardy

Homework for October 5, 2016
Read for 20 minutes
Phonics worksheet
Math workbook 3-7 odds only
6:00 to 7:30

Conferences October 20th
12:15 to 3:15

Hello, My Name Is...

                                             Mrs. Hardy
Dear  5th Graders,

Welcome to room 201. I'm looking forward to meeting each and everyone of you!  In case you were wondering what supplies to purchase here is the updated list!

A one subject notebook for each of the following subjects: Math, Science, Language Arts

One folder for each of the following subjects: Science, Social Studies, Language Arts

Three pocket folders labeled: Take Home, Keep at School, and Homework

Two boxes of tissues (we go through a lot of tissues during allergy and winter season!)

Felt tip markers (No more than 8)

Colored pencils (No more than 16)

Glue sticks   (Two or three)

Crayons (No more than 24)

6 sharpened pencils with erasers (non-mechanical) (to be replenished throughout the school year)

Pencil sharpener that catches shavings


Please use a bag with zipper to hold supplies

One large cloth book cover


Headphones (to be used in classroom and Technology) 

 Dry erase markers (fine tipped)

That will get you started for a great year!  See you soon!
                                                                         Mrs. Hardy