Fourth Grade

April 10, 2020 

Dear Paper Mill Families: 

We hope this letter finds you well. As of April 13, 2020, remote learning will be taking place across the district. We are working collaboratively to develop lessons for all fourth grade students. This means that your child will be receiving the same lessons that all PMES fourth grade students will be receiving. Each week, Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies and Science lessons will be posted as assignments to your child’s teacher Google Classroom page in the classwork section. Please check the parent/guardian notices folder regularly for updates. Your child can work on the lessons during the week at their own pace. They may turn in assigned work as they complete it or on Fridays. Assignments may be posted by other teachers as we are working collaboratively.

Our classrooms will continue to build our unique communities through Morning meetings and video messaging such as a teacher read aloud. Students are encouraged to communicate with their teacher in our Google classrooms. 

Please contact your child’s teacher with any questions. We will continue to be available to you. You may contact us via email or send a specific question through Google classroom. 

For more information about Westfield’s Remote Learning Plan please visit our district’s website at 

Thank you for all you have been doing at home with your child to support their learning. 


Mrs. Proulx

Mrs. Collins

Mrs. Dunlop