Mrs. Burrage

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Burrage

Dear Parents,
Welcome! We have begun our journey into what promises to be a year filled with learning, growing, and fun. First, a little bit about me. I live in Westfield with my husband, and we have two daughters, who are both teachers. We have three amazing grandchildren: Andrew is almost 4, Caroline is 18 months, and Jacob is 15 months! And we are expecting 2 more in early 2016! Our summer was busy spending time with family, vacationing in Maine, and reading as much as I could. I am very excited to welcome new friends and families to room 205.

This week we will begin to establish the routines and expectations that will carry us throughout the school year. This year will be a significant transition for your child. As he or she enters the “Intermediate” stage of the elementary school experience, your son or daughter will have on-going opportunities to apply the basic reading, writing, and math skills learned in the Primary grades. Your child will be expected to take on greater responsibility for independent work, work in small cooperative groups, and do his or her best at all times. Expectations are high for our students.

During the year we will work towards becoming more thoughtful and proficient readers and writers. We will also have an hour of math instruction; helping students develop their ability to solve problems, explain their thinking, and increase their mastery of basic number and operations. Time will be given each day to either Science or Social Studies with a variety of interesting units planned. We work hard at integrating Technology into our learning, especially in Science and Social Studies. We will use technology for research, projects, and presentations.

As I said at the beginning of this letter, expectations are high in our classroom, not only for academic performance, but also for social conduct and behavior. Students are encouraged to always do their best.

Kindness rules in room 211!  Our goal is to have a peaceful classroom community where all members are equally valued, respected, and appreciated for the unique people they are. I look forward to meeting you all and working together to make this year’s classroom experience a positive one for your children.
                                                                Laurie Burrage

A few more things…

  Book orders:  I will send book orders home once a month. This is a great way to get inexpensive books for your child, while at the same time helping our classroom earn free books for our library. If you choose to order, please make checks out to: Scholastic Book Club.

   Supplies:  Your child will need a zipped pencil bag to keep supplies in this year. Extra pencils, erasers, a good pair of scissors would be helpful. I would appreciate it if every family could send in a box of Kleenex to get us through the year! Other supplies that are always welcome are Clorox wipes, paper towels, extra glue sticks or pencils !  Thanks in advance!

    Snacks:   We will stop for a quick “working snack” every morning. Please send in a small, healthy snack for your child to enjoy!  Due to the number of food allergies, we will not be celebrating birthdays with snacks in the classroom. We will, however, find many ways to celebrate our successes and achievements throughout the year!

Thanks again, and welcome back!