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Room 112 News

Dear Families:
I am so excited to begin a new year with you and your Second Grader! I look forward to meeting you all at Open House in October! Below you will find some information and requests to help get this school year off to a great start!

School Supplies: We are pretty well set to start but there are some extras which would be quite helpful if you are able to provide them.

* I have given everyone a box of 8 crayons to start the year but if you would like your child to have more color variety feel free to send in a larger box.
 * Some children prefer colored pencils over crayons so if you are able and would like to send some in with your child you may.
*Extra pencils and a hand pencil sharpener if possible…our electric one gets tired sometimes and the wall model LOVES to eat them!
* If you and your second grader would like some “special” pocket folders (A Home folder and a School folder) feel free but I have some so no worries!

Classroom Supplies: These are things we may need help with throughout the year.
*Tissues (especially during cold and allergy seasons) We have a good supply to start the year.
* Paper Towels
* Glue sticks (we are well supplied for now)
* Small Cups and napkins (we have plenty at the moment )
* Large Zip Lock bags

I look forward to working with you and your child this year. Thank you
for letting me borrow them for these 180 days!

Miss Bouchard