Mrs. Meneses

Hello, My Name Is...

Mrs. Meneses

                                                                                    August 29, 2013

     Welcome back, families!  An exciting new year is here for all of us.  Many new challenges and experiences await your child in third grade.  I am delighted to be your child’s teacher.
     Here is some information to make things a little easier.  Please take a
moment to read through it carefully.  Take a few minutes to fill out
necessary paperwork and get it out of the way tonight.  Place it back in
your child’s homework folder to be returned tomorrow:
      1.   Two emergency cards with two phone numbers other than your
home number
      2.   Student Handbook Sheet signed
      3.   Photo Release Form
      4.   Free and Reduced Lunch Forms

      The school day begins at 8:45 and ends at 3:00.  If your child will be
going home a different way than usual a written note must come to school. Please remember that a walker is not permitted to ride a school bus.
     Lunch for Grade 3 is 11:30 to 12:00 p.m.
     Homework will be assigned Monday – Thursday.  Please check your child’s agenda daily for the assignments.  A signature at the bottom of the agenda will be required by you.  This is a good way of knowing what the assignment was for that particular date.

Our specials are as follows:
      Monday:  Art and Library (Please be sure to have your library books!)
      Tuesday:  Music
      Wednesday:  Health
      Thursday: Physical Education (Sneakers must be worn on this day)
      Friday:  Technology

The following is a list of suggested supplies:
•   Backpack (no wheels)
•   Pencils with erasers
•   Glue sticks
•   Small pencil box
•   Colored pencils
•   Thin markers
•   Pencil sharpener (that catches shavings)
•   A folder with pockets on the bottom for homework
•   2 one-subject spiral notebook
•   Dry erase markers
•   2 highlighters
•   Box of tissues
•   1 pack of baby/Lysol wipes for cleaning desks is appreciated

      A labeled water bottle may be brought in on a daily basis as it gets
really hot in our classroom.  We will be having an afternoon “working”
snack time.  Your child will be responsible for bringing in their own
healthy snack each day.
     Parents who will be volunteering in the building are required to have a
CORI form completed prior to beginning services. These forms are available in the office.  
     Thank you for all your support in advance.         

                        Mrs. Nancy Meneses

Please contact me at or at PMES 572-6519 if you have any questions or concerns.