Principal's Message

Hello Paper Mill Friends:

We have had a very busy summer these past few months since school got out, and time has gone by quickly!  We have many, many new families at PMES, and we welcome them to our wonderful school.  Ms. Laura Creanza, our new Assistant Principal, has already been hard at work, helping to prepare for our opening days here at PMES.  I know she will find herself quite at home here in no time!  Please feel free to reach out to her and introduce yourself as she learns all the names of staff and students- no small task to be sure!  

This year, while WPS looks forward to redistricting and migration of grade five students to the new middle school model in the 2018-19 school year, we also continue our push here at PMES to integrate technology into every classroom to prepare our students to be productive citizens in our community and in the world.  It will be a year of change, but we hope these transitions will be as smooth as possible with careful and thoughtful planning.

Lastly, but most importantly, please take the time to send the message to your child(ren) that their education is of utmost importance.  You can do this in a number of ways.  In front of your child, please express a positive attitude toward the academic, social and behavioral expectations we as a school community promote.  Secondly, get involved!  We all have busy lives, but it is the extra-curricular activities that make school memories.  Please attend our PTO meetings and offer to volunteer to the extent you are able. Third, if you need help with anything- from understanding your child's academic curriculum to support during a difficult time for your family- please reach out to us.  We have resources to assist, and knowing there is a concern helps us to understand your child better.  We're here to help.

Here's to a fabulous school year at PMES!  Go Panthers!!!

I am so excited to see all the boys and girls!  We are ready!!!!!
~Ms. Kennedy

Cynthia Kennedy

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